6 Best OpenCart Themes for 2020

opencart theme 2020

OpenCart is one of the most popular online store management systems and excellent Open Source software. It takes just two hours to built your online store from scratch, even without programming knowledge with OpenCart – provided you have a graphical template, also called theme.

Fortunately, there are plenty of attractive themes available for OpenCart, both with a generic look, suited for most industries, as well as for niche, specialized stores. See the best 2020 OpenCart templates and discover awesome designs. The templates provided here are available on Template Monster and have full documentation and simple installation, so you can easily adapt these to your website.

6. First Style: OC Theme for Fashion Stores

opencart theme 2020

Your store will be judged by appearance and if you want to make your clothing store fit any occasion, choose this template. It is minimalistic, it loads very quickly and most importantly – it has been adapted for phones. Customers increasingly shop on their smartphone and browse stores on phones, and this template has a great and easy-to-use version of responsive, which has a positive effect on sales.

Attractive slider home page presents the promoted products in it, and the really simple configuration and installation will make your online boutique run very quickly. Available for $65, with a single domain license.

5. DreamKitchen: Build your own kitchen accessory online store

opencart theme 2020

If you sell household appliances or home furnishings, or maybe kitchen utensils and want to go sell in your own online store, just buy a domain, create your own OpenCart site and choose this template. This theme has been prepared in accordance with all the latest design trends and looks super-professional, using proven solutions from the largest online stores.

It loads very quickly and is optimized for SEO, thanks to which you will achieve higher positions with Google, which is very important for sales in any online store. The best template in this niche, which will attract many customers!

4. PetShop: OpenCart Theme for pet stores

opencart theme 2020

Owners spend more and more on their pets every year, trying to provide their furry friend with the best food, toys and gadgets. This is a big opportunity for online store owners, especially that pet accesory sales are moving online from brick-and-mortar stores. The easiest way to build your own pet e-commerce site is to choose this template for OpenCart, which nicely exposes photos, encouraging shopping.

Although it has a number of additional modules, such as Mega Menu, it is easy to config and it can be installed in five minutes. Available at a great price of $65 at Template Monster, with accurate documentation.

3. SWM: Sell Swimsuit in your online store

opencart theme 2020

SWM is a template dedicated to bathsuit and beach clothes online stores.  Of course, nothing stops you from using it to build a store with any clothes, not just suits for the hot summer. It has a very effective appearance in the Instagram style, so it will certainly appeal to trendsetters and influencers. What’s more, the appearance of the home page can be easily configured in it, by moving the blocks in the graphic editor in the administration panel – no programming skills are required.

You can easily promote your fashion products on it and its design makes it particularly good to present short, designer collections of small, non-network fashion designers. Great OpenCart theme!

2. Nails Co.: Health and Beauty OpenCart Template

opencart theme 2020

If you offer make-up or nail care products in your online store, it’s worth choosing this Nails Co. theme for Opencart. It has been maintained in pastel colors, which will please the customers and of course it is adapted to mobile devices, dynamically resizing to the screen. Although it has many additional modules that youcan add to your store with just two clicks, it is very easy to use. It has elements such as Ajax search, contact form, zoom in the product description or a separate blog module, and much more – all you need for a good looking nline store!

1. StoreFlex: Multipurpose OpenCart Theme

opencart theme 2020

And if you just need a multi-functional theme that works well with any type of online store or store with a varied assortment and has great configuration options, StoreFlex is one of the best choices. It has 6 ready-made sub-themes that you can import with one click, special page “Opportunity Day” and effective Megamenu. A great choice for people who are not sure what their future online store is going to look like and want to test it, or for webdesigners who would like to show different versions to their customers. Excellent user rating – 5/5!

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