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Why OpenCart?

Why choose OpenCart?

Because it is a complete online store software that contains everything you need to sell in your online store. It would allow you to easily manage and own your e-commerce shop, which can be managed easily through simple to use but sophisicated admin panel. You don’t have to be a software expert to manage the store.

  • It is completely free to use, because it is licensed as Open Source Software, which means that it’s free and there are no fees for selling products in your store. Many commercial solutions – e-commerce systems charge monthly fees for maintaining your store and software subscriptions without giving much anything in return, except for some customer service. Furthermore, store owners are also charged with percentage for every sold item. Another disadvantage of commercial solutions is restricted capability to modify the code and adding new features, because these are closed systems without access to store engine.  This is not the case with completely free to use OpenCart.
  • It is widely used and very fast growing solution. One measure of popularity may be number of add-ons and themes. Current number of officialy available extensions exceeds 10 000 and is constantly growing. As you can imagine, there are tens of thousands online stores worldwide built with OpenCart and that means it is probably most popular e-commerce systems in the world.
  • Its functionality is rich and has everything you need to start online store: different payment and shipping methods (with built-in PayPal payments and credit card payments supported by PayPal), discount coupons, sales and bargains, newsletter for customers, multiple currencies, ability to define any number of categories, manufacturers and information pages, order reports and many more. It has even possibilty to sell virtual products, downloadable by user like e-books, music and software packages. It has basically everything, and if something isn’t available in basic package then you can easily download and install desired add-on.
  • Very good optimisation for search engines. Define „SEO-friendly URLs”, add individual meta-tags for every product and category to rank your store high in Google or Bing search results. Although visible only for store administrator it is very important feature which leads to increase sales.
  • Very impressive graphic templates, with eye-catching graphics and easy installation. The appearance of the store is very important, because it will be evaluated by your customers who will decide whether they stumbled upon trustworthy professional business. Your store may look completely professional in a minutes – see some of the gorgeous suggested themes. If you want to, you can use a free template, or opt for one of the available commercially.
  • Continuous updates: OpenCart is constantly updated and improved. Your store will always be up-to-date and euqipped with advanced e-commerce tools. With regular updates of security this software will also be secured and resistant to attempts at compromising your data.
  • It is available in many languages, both on the side of the Control Panel, as well as on the client side of the store. You can customize your shop also for non-english speaking customers, or you can even easily setup setup international multi-language store. Currently, in addition to English there are 17 other ready-to-install languages.

OpenCart is one of the best e-commerce systems available in free OpenSource license. Find out now how easy it is to use it and install it on your server.

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